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What are people saying?

"The Veterans Energy Seminar was a great opportunity to hear in-depth, expert opinion on the energy challenges that our nation - and the world - faces. More importantly, it provided specific insight for veterans on how we can look at these challenges as opportunities for service and impact. I left the seminar feeling engaged & motivated and with some fantastic contacts in the energy industry who were willing to share their time with me."

"After leaving the Marine Corps in June 2017, I knew I wanted to go into energy, but had never interacted with the private sector before. The Veteran's Energy Seminar connected me to a host of established veterans-turned-energy professionals who volunteered to help with my resume, talk about their own career paths, and connect me to others in the field. I also learned a tremendous amount about energy security and energy economics. I couldn't recommend the seminar more"

"The Veteran’s Energy Seminar really connected the dots and put the issues of climate change and energy security front and center. I appreciated the in-depth analysis and quality of presenters that shared real world information and current events. I appreciate the no-nonsense, fact-driven dialogue that not only focused on the problem but also the solutions and allowed the audience to engage with the presenters and each other. I'm looking forward to the next Veteran’s Energy Seminar"

"The Veteran’s Energy Seminar provided a great day full of interesting and relevant information for veterans in or interested in the energy industry. As a veteran, it was nice to be around others like me that are engaged in the same type of work. I look forward to next year's event."

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Program Highlights

Global Energy Challenges Lecture

Climate change as a national security threat, cyber and physical infrastructure vulnerabilities, US government priorities, military preparedness, strategy, and operational energy analysis

Veterans in Energy Workforce Panel

Discussion about the transition from the military to energy industry and what working in energy means to continued service to the country.

Strengthening Our Future Energy Security

Senior panel discussion on adoption of advanced energy solutions with film segment from "The Age of Consequences." Hosted by the Chicago Council on Science and Technology. Event website

Speakers and Panelists


Roger Blomquist

Principal Engineer, Nuclear Engineering, Argonne National Laboratory (US Navy Veteran)


Kristen Brown

Principal Business Technology Specialist, Utility of the Future, ComEd

George Crabtree

Director, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research at Argonne National Laboratory; Director, Energy Initiative at University of Illinois at Chicago

Thomas Day

Partner, Invent2026 (US Army Veteran)

Chris Davy

Director, Office of Policy Analysis and Public Diplomacy Bureau of Energy Resources, U.S. Department of State (US Army Veteran)


Greg Douquet

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Millennium Leadership Program, Atlantic Council of the US (USMC Veteran)

Kevin Johnson

President, GlidePath Federal Solutions (US Army Veteran)

Julian Kilcullen

Associate, Marathon Capital LLC (USMC Veteran)

Michael Kuk

Founder, CERx Solutions LLC (Wisconsin Air National Guard Veteran)

Victor J. LaGroon

Director, Chicago Office of Veterans Affairs, City of Chicago (US Army Veteran)


Samir Mayekar

Co-Founder and CEO, SiNode Systems

Tom Morehouse

Executive Advisor to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs

Greg Morin

Director, Office of Strategy, Performance, and Risk, Argonne National Laboratory (US Navy Veteran)

Stacey Paradis

Executive Director, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Elizabeth Perez-Halprin

Founder-President, GC Green Inc (US Navy Veteran)


Andrea Roebker

Regional Communications Director, U.S. Small Business Administration

Shana Udvardy

Climate Preparedness Specialist, Climate & Energy, Union of Concerned Scientists

Karen Weigert

Senior Fellow, Global Cities, Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Chris Wheat

Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Policy Advisor, City of Chicago


Tom Wolf

Director of External Affairs, BP America


Sponsors and Partners

Program Location

Illini Center 

200 S Wacker Drive, Chicago IL 60606

Thursday December 14, 2017 | 8:30 am CST